Can't describe the relief I now feel...

I was born and have enjoyed very thick hair for 54 years! Two years ago, I started losing my hair in a big way. In these past two years, I've used (and continue to use) Rogain, Ouidad products, and Bosley products. They've all helped somewhat, but I was continuing to lose too much hair. I've been feeling pretty hopeless. I started taking Hair, Skin & Nails Multi and almost immediately, I noticed that much less of my hair was falling out. I can't describe the relief I now feel when I run my hand through my hair and there are very few (and sometimes no) hairs in my hand! I'm very grateful and have already recommended this supplement to friends and family. Hair loss can be so devastating; I just want everyone to find their remedy. Right now, Hair, Skin & Nails Multi is mine.

– Susan Stivers

The Hair, Skin and Nails Multi is the best vitamin I've ever taken. Much better than Viviscal!!  I saw results in my hair within one week and there's no bad aftertaste with this pill. I can take it on an empty stomach and still feel great!  The one a day pill is the best part. :)

- Shideh Javaheri

I have taken Doctor recommended supplements for years now and I have to say Dr. Adrienne Youdim's pills and protein powders taste and smell far better than any other Doctor recommended supplements I've had to swallow.  With her extensive medical background, I feel confident in her ability to provide me with the purest quality vitamins and minerals my body needs to lead a healthy and well functioning lifestyle.  

I was going to list my favorite supplements such as her Liquid Omega 3 or tasty Spirullina pills, but I didn't want to leave out her Enzymes or Probiotics.  Her Strawberry Protein powder is delicious too! So many healthy supplements to choose from it doesn't feel like a chore now taking them every morning.  Thank you!!!!
- Wheaton Mahony

I am hooked on your products and pleased with all of the ones I am using. Your Organic Vegan Protein Power and Organic Pumpkin Protein are fabulous, good taste and good source of protein. I use them both in the morning which I add one scoop each to a smoothie and sometimes at nights when I don't want to eat heavy food, adding a scoop to a bowl of yogurt with vegetables, it fills me up and makes me satisfied.  I love your Organic Greens Powder, which I use in the smoothie in the mornings. The vitamin supplements you recommended are the best, the Hair, Skin & Nails Multi made my nails look normal & healthy again, my skin looks great and younger looking. I also use the CoQ10 and your Enzyme & CAL-MAG-Zinc with D3. Another reason I love your products is because they are soy free. Thank you.

 - Shahrzad Haverim

I've tried way too many protein powders in the last few months and finally found one I love. The Grass Fed Organic Whey has no extra junk in it, it has a clean taste and goes down easy. All I did was mix it with water and a little vanilla extract. I highly recommend it!

 - Delaram Saidnia

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